lemon eucalyptus oil (citriodora oil)

Our lemon eucalyptus essential oil is produced from the leaves of the citriodora tree and has a unique smell and excellent quality. It is grown and distilled in pristine condition in Northern Malawi at an altitude of 1800m and annual rainfall of around 1200mm. Our oil is very attractive for a wide selection of clients and uses, with a citronellal percentage of well over 80% and a citronellol level of well below 5%. This clear, potent smelling oil is excellent for use in fragrances, cosmetics, insect repellents, amongst many other industries and we have sold regionally and in Europe. It is the main ingredient used to produce an excellent insect repellent, Citriodiol, and is a very attractive source considering its high citronellal content. We sell in ton quantities, FOB or CIF, and package in UN approved IBC's or drums. Please email for availability and pricing.


minor oils available & collaborations

KHP produces a number of minor oils at a smaller- scale level and is in trial phase. We currently make lemongrass, Tagetes minuta (marigold) and have rose geranium in the ground. We have produced lavender and are looking to extend this crop for our own line of essential oils.  We have planted Eucalyptus radiata, E.macarthuraii and E.dives to expand our range and diversify the essential oil side of the business. Please email for availability and pricing.

With 6,000 hectares of plantation, we have hills, valleys, riverines and plenty of indigenous virgin land. There are areas where higher value plants/trees could be cultivated in harmony with the nature around it. We are open to joint ventures to plant certain high value crops as long as they are in line with our aims and objectives. Plants and herbs are possible but tree crops are preferable.